Event Room

Kros strain brewing is the perfect location to host your next event or party!  Why?  we give our customers the freedom to tailor their event to their specific needs by being allowed to bring in or cater in their own food, we offer a variety of table options, we have plenty of space if your event grows and it can flow into the main taproom. our room is air conditioned and heated , we offer large restrooms and we are handicap accessible in both our event room, brewery and restrooms.


rehearsal dinner or meeting setup

In this option we can seat 50 people comfortably, a large clear garage door can be opened or closed for more room or privacy.  This room has an 80" tv for presentations.  Guests have two long tables with electric outlets to use in the room for food or gift set up.

Party room setup

We have 3 tall standing cocktail tables that can be utilized in the room.  For our parties we usually remove the bar stools around them to allow guests to casually walk in and out of the room.  Again, guests have the ability to open or close the clear garage door and flow in and out of the main taproom up to the bar.



Party Room Q & A

How many guests can the room hold?

Our room can seat around 35 guests or around 50 with standing and seated tables

Do you offer table service for my event?

Yes! A private server can be arranged just for your party

Can I bring my own food in or have food catered in? 

Yes, we do not have a kitchen so feel free to bring in whatever you like or have it catered in. We want our customers to have the freedom to do whatever they like, its your choice!

Are children allowed into the brewery for my party?

Yes!  We even have a dresser by our front door with toys, coloring books and games

Do you offer tours for my event?

Definitely! As well as private beer tastings, flights or 32oz Krowlers to go


Want more info regarding our Event Room?  Please email us below and you will be send a PDF regarding pricing details. 

please include the following info in your email:

- date of your events

- time of your event (room booking is a min. of 2 hours)

- number of guests 

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