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Minimum bar tab

By Eric Downs July 18, 2019

If you choose Hosted Bar Tab, you are arranging for all beverages to be placed onto one credit card at the start of your event. Once the minimum tab is hit, the cardholder will be notified during the event that the minimum has been reached. One the tab is reached, you may choose to continue charges the entire event, up to an additional amount or to now allow your guests to begin their own tabs. In the event your event does not reach the minimum bar tab, the host is responsible for the difference. Off sale and gift cards may be purchased to reach the remaining amount. A gratuity of 20% will be added to all tab(s).

Minimum Bar Tabs:

Guest Count:

40 Guests or less: $250 (Sun-Thurs)/$300 (Fri/Sat)

41-70 Guests: $300 (Sun-Thurs)/$400 (Fri/Sat)

71-100 Guests: $400 (Sun-Thurs)/$500 (Fri/Sat)


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