About Kros Strain

Beer shouldn’t be boring. Every beer we make starts as a twinkle in our eye, a turning of gears in our heads. We’ll tinker and tinker with the recipe, ratcheting up ingredients as needed until it’s not just “good enough” – but until it’s freaking great.

The Mission

Our Story

You’ve heard it before: two dudes with a passion for beer left their day jobs to brew professionally. The dudes in our case are founders Bobby Kros and Scott Strain, who connected while working at a brewery in town. Then, connected by their passion for brewing innovative beer, they followed their dream of doing it all themselves. They spent two years developing beers in basements and finally connected their names to form Kros Strain Brewing.

Our Tap Room

Our Team

Bobby Kros

Co-Owner/Head Brewer

Scott Strain

Co-Owner/Logistics and Operations

Jeff Hardy

Sales and Brand Ambassador


Production Brewer

Michelle Strain

Co-Owner/Event Room Coordinator

Lacey Kros

Co-Owner/Taproom Manager


Lead Bartender


Packaging and Bottling Line Technician

Our Team of Bartenders

Doug, Tammy, Sam, Ashlie, Taina, Lacey, Andrew, Michelle, Mikey, Nicole