Event Rooms

We love to party. We have several flexible options for you to use for your next business event, rehearsal dinner or just any ol’ get-together. In all of our event rooms, you are free to bring in any catered food you wish (and we have outlets for crock pots if DIY is your thing). Note that we do not allow separate tabs or in the larger Stave Room, but both are available in the Small Event Room.

A Space for all Occasions

The Stave Room


    • Holds up to 100 guests
    • 2,000 square feet space
    • Private walk-up bar window
    • Private restrooms
    • Walkout patio with TWO fire pits (shared space)
    • YES!  You can bring in your own food, arrange a caterer or food truck (need ideas?  See FAQ below)
    • Handicap accessible room and restroom
    • Water Dispenser in room
    • Coat rack for your guests only
    • Room rental fee includes 3 hours of room use PLUS 30 minutes setup and 30 minutes takedown
    • Bookings of 71-100 guest count are for 4 HOURS of room rental, plus 1 HOUR of setup and 1 HOUR of takedown for a total of 6 hours of room use.
***Please read the FAQ below for additional information regarding the room and contact information.  The FAQ answers all terms and conditions you will agree to when you place this booking.  


  • Self-hosted bar tab
  • Pre-purchased drink tickets
  • Pre-purchased  1/2 barrel kegs
  • 1 lb. bags of Dot’s pretzels
  • Gratuity is not included in the prices, this is paid on the day of the event.

Small Event Room


  • Up to 35 guests, 25 is ideal, if you guest list exceeds this number, do NOT book this room, please book the Stave.
  • Clear garage door to the taproom that can stay up or be lowered for privacy
  • YES!  You can bring in or cater in your own food!
  • Lights in the room can be dimmed or turned off by the customer (perfect for surprise parties)
  • Edison light bulbs illuminate the room
  • 75" TV in the room with HDMI hookup for guest use
  • Handicap accessible room and restrooms
  • Room has tables and chairs for guests, additional tables for food
  • Specific room arrangement will be done by the host prior to the start of your event
  • Guests can use the outdoor patio with 2 fire pits as well, seating is first come
Room fee includes 3 hours of room use, plus an additional 30 minutes for setup and 30 minutes for take down
**Note, this room is only for parties of 35 guests or less. If you anticipate your guest count to be more than 35 guests please book the Stave Room.  If your guest count does exceed more than 35 guests you are subject to a per person, per hour additional fee for additional staff for your event.  If the number of guests changes after you book the room, please email Michelle at least 7 days prior to your event.
*******Please read the FAQ below for additional information regarding the room and contact information.  The FAQ answers all terms and conditions you will agree to when you place this booking.  


  • Self-hosted bar tab
  • Pre-purchased drink tickets
  • Cash bar
  • 1 lb. bags of Dot’s pretzels


Holiday Room Rates

Due to the extremely high volume of customers visiting Kros Strain Brewing in December and the high volume of event room bookings, there will be an additional charge of $100 for the room fee in December. The minimum bar tab (via Hosted Tab, Pre-Paid Drinkt Tickets and Kegs) will be an increase of $100.

Kros Strain Brewing strives to provide a high level of customer service to all of our guests. As a result to accommodate the high level of bookings our staff will be working overtime to produce beer, service guests and accommodate all bookings to the high standard we hold at the brewery.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

What is the room rental fee?

***Please note when reserving the room, the fee is calculated into the final total. If you choose Hosted Bar Tab or Cash Bar, you will only be paying the room rental fee. An estimated guest count is EXTREMELY important when booking your reservation. Why? We strive for excellent customer service and we will supply the appropriate number of bartenders based on your guest count. We want your guests to enjoy your event, not wait in long lines for drinks.

What happens if your guest count increases prior to your event? Please notify Doug, as soon as possible (at least 2wk prior to your event) so we can obtain staff for your event. You will be charged the room fee difference on the day of your event. The minimum bar tab will increase as well. Doug: dveskerna@krosstrainbrewing.com

Kros Strain Brewing reserves the right to charge a $7/guest/hour charge if your guest count exceeds your chosen guest count. This fee will be charged to the cardholder booking the room. The fee will cover emergency staff brought in to accommodate your additional guest count.


Sunday-Thursday: $25/hour (bookings 3 hours = $75)

Friday/Saturday: $50/hour (bookings 3 hours = $150)

**The Small Event Room is for a guest count of 35 guests or less ONLY




40 GUESTS OR LESS: $50/hour

41-70 GUESTS: $80/hour

71-100 GUESTS: $100/hour – – 4 HOUR BOOKING



40 GUESTS OR LESS: $75/hour

41-70 GUESTS: $100/hour

71-100 GUESTS: $125/hour – – 4 HOUR BOOKING

Barrels in the Stave Room

The Stave Room is an active barrel fermentation room. This room contains a variety of whiskey, wine and bourbon barrels. The room also contains trench drains. Please note due to the HIGH sensitively of these barells customers cannot touch them. Customers cannot put any decor on them either.

These barrels are extremely sensitive to any kind of manipulation. As a result, these barrels are also on closed-circuit video surveillance at all times.

Anyone seen attempting to remove their nails, bungs, or putting their integrity in jeopardy will be charged a damage charge of $500/barrel. By renting the event room you agree to these terms and conditions. If your guests are seen manipulating the barrels the person renting the room will be responsible for any barrels damaged or put into jeopardy.

Do you offer plates, napkins, utensils for my event?

Since Kros Strain Brewing does not have a kitchen, we do not offer plates, napkins, or utensils for events. If this is needed feel free to bring these into the brewery to use for your event. If you are using a food truck, typically these items are provided.

Do you offer any food?

Dots Pretzels, Jerky and Gourmet Peanuts are sold in the taproom (feel free to purchase these quick snacks to pair with your beers). Pre-purchased Dots Pretzels will be ready for your event in 1lb bags. We do not offer any bowls, utensils or napkins at the brewery. Please note these pretzels are HIGHLY addictive! Your guests will LOVE them!

Customers are allowed to cater in food, arrange a food truck for their event or bring in their own food. We ask that since you are allowed to bring in your own food, you do not bring in any beverages. All beverages must be purchased at the brewery.

Need some recommendations for food or entertainment? Please click the Vendor List below to obtain the contact information of vendors that have provided their services at our brewery before. Our brewery does NOT receive any compensation from these vendors. They are simply vendors our customers have contacted for food and entertainment that have provided excellent services for our guests. Please note the food trucks listed may even make the food on the truck and set the food up in your event room. Please make all food arrangements with the vendors, Kros Strain Brewing does not guarantee any of their services provided.

Is There A Gratuity Charge?

Gratuity is charged to all beverage purchases on the day of your event. Gratuity is not added to the room fee. A fee of 20% will be paid for Hosted Bar Tabs, Pre-Purchased Drink Tickets and/or Kegs for your event and will go towards staff that directly work with your event.


Need LIVE entertainment for your guests? Due to the close nature of our event room to other establishments, we ask that you choose only acoustic music for your event. If you are going to have live entertainment please notify the bartender for the location of their setup.

Need some ideas? Kros Strain Brewing does NOT receive any compensation from these vendors, but they have visited our brewery before and offer excellent music. Please note, they will need to bring in their own AV equipment.

Vendor List

Flights & Glassware

To facilitate efficient and speedy service, all beverages are poured into plastic. If you would like to have official KSB glassware used for your event, please contact Doug for fees associated with this option. Flights are not allowed during large events. Customers may request sample pours of beers, but formal flights cannot be ordered.

Minimum bar tab

If you choose Hosted Bar Tab, you are arranging for all beverages to be placed onto one credit card at the start of your event. Once the minimum tab is hit, the cardholder will be notified during the event that the minimum has been reached. One the tab is reached, you may choose to continue charges the entire event, up to an additional amount or to now allow your guests to begin their own tabs. In the event your event does not reach the minimum bar tab, the host is responsible for the difference. Off sale and gift cards may be purchased to reach the remaining amount. A gratuity of 20% will be added to all tab(s).

Minimum Bar Tabs:

Guest Count:

40 Guests or less: $250 (Sun-Thurs)/$300 (Fri/Sat)

41-70 Guests: $300 (Sun-Thurs)/$400 (Fri/Sat)

71-100 Guests: $400 (Sun-Thurs)/$500 (Fri/Sat)

Do you allow separate checks in the Stave Room?

No one wants to spend their time waiting in line! To facilitate quick, efficient service in this room we only allow one bar tab, pre-purchased drink tickets or pre-purchased kegs. A cash bar is only allowed in the Small Event Room.

I want to pre-purchase drink tickets for my guests, how do I do this?

Please, pre-purchase tickets below when you book the room.  tickets will be ready for pick up at the bar on the day of your event.  They are good for any draft beer, a glass of wine, cider, root beer, or drink at KSB.  all individuals will need to show valid proof of id prior to receiving any alcoholic beverage.

Hard Liquor

As the host booking the event room, you are responsible for your guests. In the event hard liquor, wine or any alcoholic beverages are brought into our brewery this will result in a charge of $250 and your event will end immediately. As a violation of our liquor license, we cannot allow any outside beverages to be brought into our facility.

If you choose to rent out the entire taproom, hard liquor may be arranged and served to your guests. Please email Event Coordinator, Michelle for additional information.

I Want To Rent Out the Entire Brewery

So, you want to rent out the entire brewery? Excellent! We have accommodated this requestion before and can arrange for this option. By renting out the entire brewery your guests will have access to the entire taproom, patio, Stave Room and Small Event room. Your guests will also have the option of being given up to 2 brewery tours during your event and will see the bottling line, brewhouse, lab, sour aging area and more.

How much? Unfortunately this is not a cheap option. Kros Strain Brewing is EXTREMELY popular with our community. To close down the entire brewery just for your guests, pricing is based on a case by case basis. Please contact Event Coordinator, Michelle for information. Please provide the date, number of guests, time frame of your event and any additional details.

General Manager, Doug: dveskerna@krosstrainbrewing.com

Do you offer anything besides beer?

Yes, Alcoholic options include up to 25 beers, 4 different wines, 2 ciders (gluten-free).

Non alcoholic: bottled root beer, bottled craft soda, coke, diet coke, sprite, sparkling hop water (complimentary), and filtered reverse osmosis water

Are children allowed at Kros Strain Brewing?

Yes, all ages are welcome at Kros Strain brewing!  we have a dresser by our front door with toys and games.  we ask that a responsible adult is with any child(ren) at all times. We ask no more than 5 children (age 2+) in the event at once.

Kros Strain Brewing strives to provide an excellent family-friendly experience in our taproom. Please note although we are family-friendly establishment please keep your children with a responsible adult at all times.

Do we allow children’s birthday parties? Unfortunately no. Although we are family-friendly, we ask that childrens birthday parties visit an establishment meant for children.

Why do I need to choose a guest count for the Stave Room?

Kros Strain Brewing strives for excellent customer service. To best serve our guests, the appropriate guest count is extremely important so we staff your event appropriately. In the event your guest count changes prior to your event, please notify Event Coordinator, Michelle at least 2 weeks in advance.

In the event your event exceeds the guest count expected, there will be an additional charge per guest per hour of your event. This fee will be added to your bill to facilitate emergency staff to work your event.

I want to pre-purchase kegs for my event, how do I know what my beer options are?

Helles creek (lager) and fairy nectar (by far our most popular beer) are always available.  you will receive an email of options one week prior to your event with the current options available.  at KSB we are constantly producing new, fresh and exciting beers so the list varies frequently week to week.

What is your cancellation policy regarding my booking?

please note, our brewery strives to provide our customers with not only an excellent beer but quality service.  as a result, proper staffing is extremely important.  to obtain adequate staff for each event we ask for an advanced notice regarding any changes to your event.  we staff according to the needs of each booking and reservation as a result have to follow a strict cancellation policy to be fair to all customers and employees at Kros Strain Brewing.

We ask you to provide our team at least 21 days notice prior to your event date with any changes or to cancel your reservation for a full refund.  if you need to cancel or change your reservation within 14 days prior to your refund you will receive a 50% refund on the total fees related to your booking. if you cancel within 7 days of your event, unfortunately, we are unable to provide a refund, we have already kegged beer just for your event, take time to prepare for your event and assign staff each week based upon the current room bookings.

When can I set up? Can I tape things to your walls?

Set up 30 minutes prior and 30 minutes post event are allowed.  only bookings of 4 hours or more will be granted one full hour additional for set up and take down.  unfortunately, we cannot allow the use of tape, command strips, glitter or confetti at KSB.  battery operated candles are allowed.

I still have questions, who do I contact?