June 15, 2024
10:00 am - 5:00 pm
La Vista

On each day listed meet at the HOST location between 10 and 11am and then proceed counterclockwise to all locations listed in order! At each location you purchase from you can draw a poker card to complete your best hand (1 card per location). The best hand will win a prize at the end of the ride will receive a prize from HOST LOCATION. Cards must be turned in by 5pm to be included. We look forward to seeing you at this years rides & thanks for supporting the 442!

(below are start locations – Alamo draft house is also a part of our rides – just always in the middle instead of starts) NOW 6 amazing locations this year focused on great local beer!
Saturday April 20th – Kros Strain Brewing
Saturday May 25th – Nebraska Brewing
Saturday June 15th – Lucky Bucket Brewing
Saturday July 13th – Pint Nine Brewing
Saturday August 17th – Infusion Brewing
Sunday September 1st – Pint Nine Brewing
Saturday October 12th – Nebraska Brewing