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Barrels in the Stave Room

By Michelle October 18, 2019

The Stave Room is an active barrel fermentation room. This room contains a variety of whiskey, wine and bourbon barrels. The room also contains trench drains. Please note due to the HIGH sensitively of these barells customers cannot touch them. Customers cannot put any decor on them either.

These barrels are extremely sensitive to any kind of manipulation. As a result, these barrels are also on closed-circuit video surveillance at all times.

Anyone seen attempting to remove their nails, bungs, or putting their integrity in jeopardy will be charged a damage charge of $500/barrel. By renting the event room you agree to these terms and conditions. If your guests are seen manipulating the barrels the person renting the room will be responsible for any barrels damaged or put into jeopardy.


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